Delight Students
with Secure Messaging Innovation.

Beyond Messaging, EduText makes it possible for Students and their Sponsors to instantly and securely access their information from School even while offline.

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Effective Knowledge Transfer is the end product of an engaging relationship between the Knowledge Provider and the Receiver.

Have a sneak peek at how EduText improves engagement with Students, Staff Members and Parents/Sponsors.

Send Bulk, yet, Personalized Communication

Easily send circulars to students, staff members, or parents / sponsors of students in any or all departments, classes or set. EduText uses multiple failover channels to ensure each message is delivered.

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Provide Personalized Realtime Support

Receive inquiries, suggestions, feedback and complaints from everyday communication tools (Telegram, WhatsApp, SMS) used by students, staff members and parents / sponsors. Respond and keep track of each stakeholder's conversation throughout their relationship lifetime.

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Automate Information Access Online and Offline

Students or Parents can query for programmed information such as Tuition, Events, Class Timetables, Exam Timetables, Results, CGPA, Hostel Allocation, and more from School Information System and receive instant response via SMS, Telegram or Whatsapp.

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Collaboratively Build, Structure and Update Your Database

With Edutext you can inclusively build the database of students, staff, parents/sponsors in different ways from Self Enrolment via sms, Upload of school database from spreadsheet program, manual additional of data.

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Build Learning Management Systems

You can provide extended services such as training, knowledge bits, etc by setting up queries to forward incoming sms to your solution and generate automated responses.

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